That’s the title of this painting. It’s beautifully painted by Gizem Saka, she’s a Turkish contemporary painter. I don’t know her personally, but I have been following some of her glorious pieces. I love how she depicts modern flair into her women subjects.

This one in particular depicts some sense of balance and peace, so calm yet so strong. The amalgamate of colors depicts an exquisite aura of class and refinement. How I wish I can just fly to Istanbul right now and score this for myself.

I find this a perfect inspiration if mounted on the wall of my ‘me’ room, sitting idly while sipping also coffee made from best coffee beans, snuffling the aroma which rejuvenates a woman’s soul, freeing the mind, letting the zen sets in, calling in profound wisdom, lightness of spirit and attainment of enlightenment.

So there ladies, thanks for communing with me to be one with the universe by means of Gizen Saka’s piece.

Disclaimer: Photo not mine.


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