While I don’t grieve for a lost love, I grieve for my lost freedom, but that would be another story.

Anyway, with my 38 years of existence in this world its this feeling of grief over a loss of a loved one that I have not gotten through yet. Knock on wood, who would love to lost a loved one but I’m just being sensible sharing honest opinion, thus my curiosity on how do people losing a loved one deal with grief.

I understand different people coming from different life circumstances have different ways of coping with grief. Because of the 5 people that I have talked to on how they coped up with grief they come up with different answers that are likely tailored to the kind of life circumstance that they have. But the following were the common patterns in their answers;
  • You have to find the right support, lucky those who have stable family network as this is the most effective way to deal with it.
  • Understand grief, by reading, by talking to others even by watching videos and movies about grief.. I recommend ‘Bounce’
  • If you can afford to pay a professional counselor, then you can take this option. But for those who can’t, your parish priest, your church pastor is more than willing to hear you out.
  • Joining a grief support group is a very good decision, learn from them and do some of the things fit for you, on how they have combat grief.
  • Cry your heart out loud if you feel like crying.
  • Let time heal all wounds
  • Do not forget memories but rather relive them. Or if you are more on the senti side you can get a small amount of your loved one’s ashes and them stock it in a Cremation Jewelry. These jewelries allow you to be with your departed loved one wherever you go.
Jewelry Keepsakes a leading online shops for Cremation Jewelry housed the most varied styles of trinkets and charms, made with gold, silver, marble and other precious materials, where you can put a little of your loved ones ash in a pendant, bracelet and bring it wherever you go in a most stylish way. There are styles tailored for men and women or even styled to the kind of individuality you want to honor.

Coping with grief can be easier with these remembrance, choose your Cremation Jewelry today.


  1. i think these jewelry keepsakes is a modern yet loving way to keep our loved ones alive in our hearts.i can totally relate to this post.when my papa died in an accident the family thought it was the end of the world for us. but with support from relatives and friends we made it through.for over a year i found myself crying suddenly,anywhere i may be and more so,when i hear songs that remind me of my father. But yes,TIME is indeed a great healer and while we still feel the grief we can smile through it now while keeping my papa's memory alive in our hearts....

  2. hay sus, nailad ko dah! abi nako ug naunsa na. nah! nyahahaha

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