My latest soap haul is this Mediherbs black Patchouli, I’m really a soap sucker you know, I try all what’s on the shelf. I just realized I should be blogging this obsession, if I may call it that, of mine.


I got intrigued seeing this, it’s new to me, it’s a bar shampoo. It promised a lot of many things as what is said on the label. This is what exactly I have been looking for since I’ve been suffering from falling hair due to emotional stress brought about by series of unfortunate events involving some unlikely people around. I hope this soap can be of help growing new set of hair. The ingredients look healthy, its all natural. 

It’s the first time I used it this morning, it makes a generous lather, but I don’t like the smell, I think all herb-based soaps smells like this.

Thing is, it makes your hair sticky after you rinse it, and I know what that means if it will dry-up, bad hair day for me. But it says … continued use, I just don’t know for how long. (This is not a paid post)


Josie said...

sige update mo ko, I also have falling hair, pero I'm using Pantene pink,it says kc prevent hair fall, pero ewan meron pa din pailan ilan akong nakikita pag nagsusuklay. :(

Verna Luga said...

@ Josie, cge Jo.. kung totoo ba talaga tong mga promise nila dito... hahaha..

Dhemz said...

wow! bar shampoo? hehehe...kakaiba naman....never heard of this brand te.

EJ said...

Promises hehehehe, i like dove bar the most ate.

EJ said...

Wahhh sowi, ako to, i forgot tnakalogged in pala si mokong hehehe

Chubskulit Rose said...

Happy weekend ate! Just digging your old post hehehe

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