There are quiet a lot of these darlings at the border of my MILs lot. I’m especially proud of this shot, although I must admit I photoshopped it a little, I just thought I had captured it pleasing to at least my eyes…;)

Common Name: saging-saging (only in the Phils)
Scientific name: Musa Coccinea


  1. wow. nice shot you have here..enjoy the weekend and btw, i am a follower of your blog now :P

  2. Beautiful shot, Vernz. I like it sideways, not a boring upright position. You framed it beautifully.Isn't this a family of ginger flower?

  3. A delightful perspective of a very beautiful flower!

  4. Very nice capture girl it is so beautiful

  5. Oh I remember those flowers where we used to steal them when I was a kid and offer them during Flores de Mayo. :)

    My Flowers on Saturday post

  6. Very pretty! Gorgeous color and composition.

    Erika B

  7. na miss nako mga memes last week/end da...busy man jud ang life pag holiday weekend.

    pagka gorgeous sa imong entry te...I like it!

  8. These are really nice shots. I like your blog.Red flower looks very pretty and it is captured nicely as well.Thanks for sharing it with us.


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