I was waiting for my husband to pick me up with my packets of groceries in this drive-thru at Gmall here. I saw a woman, with a walking cane, running and flagging a taxi down. I really wonder where have all the taxis gone, there are about 6,000 taxis in Davao, but if you want to get one, you can’t find one.

I was even wondering why that woman was running, when I turned around I saw a little man somewhat like in his 15’s pushing an elderly man in his wheelchair. That woman was lucky the taxi was empty, then slowly he pushed the wheeled man near the taxi door, apparently, that man was his father and that woman was his wife.

This is the best I get from that encounter
They got a hard time pulling up the man from the wheelchair since he was heavy, so I came near and hold the taxi door for them so they can push him in, the man was so frail, his wife can’t just pull him in alone because his weight is twice as her wife and their son can just seal-up some force not even enough to comfortably sit  him  on the taxi seat. With the help of the taxi driver, I can feel the panting relief from his wife and the sons breathe.

The woman, just about my age, was kind enough to thank me back, she said her husband was paralyzed due to a stroke for 3 years now, they only have a son, and they want to just bring their patriarch out for some stroll. After the driver had secured the wheelchair at the trunk, they wheeled away.

Still waiting for my husband’s car to show up, realizing that …. My God, If I were in that woman’s shoe will I be as strong as what that woman showed, maybe that was a true manifestation of what is meant when we vowed to be with each other for better or for worst. A vow that I think translates responsibility of taking care with each other whatever happens.


  1. No taxi stopping at them maam kay naa mn sila welchair, maru mani uban taxi driver. if the passenger daghan karga mamili ug lain ky kalas daw gas. angay na suyakan mga taxi driver

  2. i admired also the girl its really hard having your partner sicked. i remembered this thing also happened to my parents when the time my father still alive!

  3. It may not be of the same situation but I somehow remembered when my wife and our 3 month old son fly home in a long flight (10 hrs) to see her mom, it was a long ordeal for them, luckily someone is always there to help even you never ask for it. There's always someone who in other way around will show random acts of kindness.

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