How can I still write a thing when my husband is nagging behind my back while scribbling on this post … lol… actually the mercury on the temp read 39.5 degrees Celsius, enough for a ‘kuto’ to say I’ll get out of here, lol.

Just letting you know guys that I’m ‘in heat’ hahahah … di naman aso… but seriously I’m still sick, damn sick …. Feeling dizzy pa rin, just needed to earn a little here.. hahaha… I’ll get back to you as soon as the mercury drops.

Thanks lovelies for dropping by.


  1. get well soon vernz! have enough rest and drink plenty of fluids!

  2. In heat lol... Get well soon ate.

    Thank you for being one of my top commenter on Etcetera Etcetera Blog.

  3. Hi Vernz, get well soon my dear. Thank you for being a top commenter in my Hearts content of a mama blog. Got this blog featured.


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