According to experts this is the condition that can inflict women for merging stilettos and skinny jeans. I long have thought that the marriage of this two can do no good to women.

It is said that skinny jeans put great pressure on the femoral cutaneous nerve that runs through the thigh. As a result ladies who wear tight jeans often feel tingling and burning through the leg. This nerve problem is called meralgia paresthetica.

This is not a new condition though, anyone can experience this condition should there is a compression done to muscle, or anything tight around there could potentially compress that muscle that will eventually lead to the condition.

Photo not mine
Although I love wearing skinny jeans since it truly do the trick in trimming my buttocks and gaining me a little inch taller, I never have tried wearing a pair that would let you look for someone to pull it off for you. I must admit I also have that slight Imeldific tendency but I let go of the idea of inflicting pain into my toes wearing this … oooh so pretty pumps… haisst… how can I look so damn smart-sexy looking, yet how can this shoe be so-pain imposing.

This style could be dangerous? Women, your choice!


  1. i am a woman and i choose to be sexy and beautiful... wahahaha way kontra kay ako ang ni comment! lol

  2. have suffered from that ate when I gave birth to EJ, I still feel it sometimes when I work out.

  3. na maam bahala sakit basta ang lubot sexy heheheh

  4. Lubot daw oh hahaha.. daan ako dito ate,


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