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For most women decorating is a passion, and it can be safely said that this is a woman’s domain, maybe because for the longest time the house was a woman’s place.

Just by merely looking around a house you can tell that someone of XX chromosomes inhabits the place by the furniture arrangements, the wall art, and the decorations of all shapes and sizes and practically everything around the house.

As a woman myself, call it guilty of this passion or call it ideational, but I also love to collect pieces, especially wall mounted ones. Although I’m still struggling with owning a house of my own, I still manage to adorn my MIL’s house with lovely pieces. I used to collect paintings made by friends I had them framed and turn them into lovely wall art. But when I started blogging and was able to learn to use a digital camera, I shifted interest, I’ve been archiving via print most of my exceptional shots. Although I haven’t framed one of them yet since there’s no wall to place them on, I’m hoping that one of these days those photos of mine will be made into great wall art.

But did you know that the internet can be your source of photo to art pieces? Yeah, Art.com can transform your digital captures of your family, your vacation, your skywatches; your adored black and white photos, sepia shots that you usually flaunt on memes into a stunning, high quality work of art?

Art.com has recently launched their latest technology on digital art, their photos {to} art technology it is fun and easy to use, just upload your carefully selected photos and transform them into great pieces of art. You can customize the size; you can choose the material and the mounting style.

It’s Christmas, and you know that personalized gifts are the most valued of all gifts, then this is the perfect choice, imagine your photos mounted on a friend’s or your bosses house walls. That Christmas will forever be remembered, it’s just awesome.

Worried about the price? Well, they are way lower by 40% than their competitors.
So there ladies, transform those dull panels into stunning walls with your awe-inspiring captures turned into art.

Visit www.art.com now and try it for yourself.
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  2. hahaha...ako pod..abi nako ug ikaw te....:)

  3. sundugon nako nga pose kay nice hahaha...sapi na sad...tamang tama pang shopping sa Christmas hehe

  4. thanks for sharing..this is awesome!


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