…. Tawas
…. Panty liner/sanitary napkin
…. Earbuds
…. Nivea lotion
…. Face powder
…. Facial wash anything low-priced or with free item in it….

These are just my usual, frequent picks at the health and beauty section in the grocery, unless there are some other important and needed stuff.

I normally buy beauty things during sale, being frugal is in, lol. But sometimes, some things can’t wait for the sale; my latest grocery buy was this henna hair dye. My silver hairs are starting to show-up. I can’t use these mainstream brands because my scalp, my forehead, my nape will look-like a sautéed shrimp after, other than paying the salon I should need to buy anti-allergies so that would cost me more.

This packet is just P25.00. Its a ‘just add water’ and a DIY thing…. The colors stays for a least a month, that’s good enough. And I trust Indian products more than China. It's true.

So there, thanks lovelies for dropping by, join us every Thursday at K for Girls Talk.


  1. nyahaha!!! that hair color stuff reminds me of my Lolo.. hihi!! yan ang ginagamit nya before nong nag stay sya sa bahay namen eh!! hihi

    Happy GT ^_^

  2. Ay.. naalala ko rin ang nanay at tatay ko.. with the mention of hair color. Mahilig ring magpa-itim ng buhok yun coz of their grey hair. Hihihi..

    Noong una, gumagamit rin ko ng tawas, pero ngayon Secret na lang. Mas madali lang kasing i-apply (for me..).. =)

    Ms Vernz, hope you could drop by sa blog ko and read my entry. =) Happy GT thursday!

  3. Itry ko nga yan hair coloring na yan, may black kaya for my father or kahit black-brown...

  4. nakalimutan ko nga pla ilagay ung sanitary napkin sa entry ko.. nyahaha! ako din tawas gamit ko dati pero now from AVON na hihi...

    I also have my entry.. happy GT day! ^_^

  5. aah yes. Indians have one the best hair care products. I am also using AMLA oil to keep my locks from split ends


  6. yes, cologne lang kami sis kasi banayad lang ang amoy. forgot the sanitary napkin and pantyliner, too.

    thanks for dropping by! happy thursday :)

  7. hahaha, natawa naman ako sa sauteed shrimp. mahirap talaga kaapg may allergies, hindi basta makapag try ng ibang brands. you're right, indian products are better than those that made in china.


  8. Agree with you, sis.. I prefer Indian products than Chine.
    Anyway, can you blend the color properly if you dye your own hair then?

    Thanks for visiting me...
    Happy Thursday :)

  9. ngek, nakalimutan ko ung sanitary napkin! haha!

    thanks for visiting my blog, sis!

  10. oh.. really indian products? great finds.. :)

  11. My mom uses that hair coloring, too. Kaka-experiment namin, at times she would put coffee and egg whites in the mixture before I apply it. Mas tumatagal naman. Kaso, since we use the Pond's black facial wash, yung color ng hair niya near the forehead mabilis mag fade out.

    my Girls Talk post

  12. Henna dyes are better nga daw, kasi they don't have the harsh chemicals. I've never tried this on my hair, though I've used it for temporary tattoos. :)

    Thank you for visiting and leaving your comment! :*

  13. Vernz, Salamat po sa advice ha. Oo nga eh, parang narinig ko yan nuon, pero walang tawas dito. :(

    My Girl's Talk here

  14. Hi Mommy how are u na?
    It has been like days since I can't blog hop because of my Internet connection by the way I am back and Ill do my GT soon lol

  15. Oh a new hair dye. Does it work well?

    If you have time, do drop by:

    My GT

  16. whew, never tried dying my hair pa :D oo nga, adik ka sa freebies, dayun pangantucan amoa ui mas duol ang davao ehehe

  17. naku never ko pa try mag dye ng hair pero willing naman ... anyway some of the items you mentioned above was my first on the list din.

  18. Hmmmmnn may mga indian products na pala dyan sa tin, never saw one when I was there or I never bother to look lol..

  19. mmm...reminds me of the Bigen bottle my mother I got to buy for the mother. :)

  20. your entry reminds me to pamper my hair soon!uugod-ugod na kasi ako pati na colorng hair ko lol!

    Thanks for dropping by at my GT entry dear^_^

  21. di ba nawawala naman ang mga stains kapag matagal ng naliligo. kasi ang Revlon na ginagamit kong hair dye eh nakukulayan ang aking scalp, pero nawawala rin kapag naligo na. Alam mo, if me powdered tawas lang dito, yan din ang bibilhin ko eh..hehehe..wala lang kasi..

  22. i think when my hair turns white, i'll color it with brown as well :D


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