…but it’s so damn cute.

Among women Wacoal is no stranger in fact this baby has the full authority to clutch tight on my hooters and deal with confidence my ‘down there’, love the fit, I swear!

When I was still enjoying my single blessedness I never missed new releases of this bra in the market even if it pains my pocket every time. This is still my favorite comfy brand though, but I now prefer near-same comfy – the cheaper brands. Whattalife! I think for most moms, mouths to feed are the priority more than getting a new and expensive hooter’s cup, baby! Grrr!

Anyway, when I first saw these videos I just can’t help but awe… this Wacoal Lalan Bra commercial is quiet a hit in Japan, it’s so damn hilariously cute, the models are dancing like ballerinas, of course the Japanese trademark-dance way.

The course the ad was conceptualize, the message the advertisers wanted to get across  to their consumers was indeed entertainingly presented. I wonder why ad agencies in PH had missed this out…. I so love it… watch it you’ll enjoy it too… … OK then, one sale comin’ up!

This one is my personal favorite …


  1. Nyahahahaha grabe or should i say soBRA naman tong mga ads lol but you're right, they are cute!

  2. hahhaha...atot! I too like the first video...ghubak na nuon ko ug!


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