Dressing up is without a doubt a woman’s sphere, in fact a multi-million dollar industry is lucratively awake backing up this garb culture, from the simplest hand sewn heirloom type sundress to flamboyant haute couture you can get your way into if you have that sense of fashion.

But getting into the runway trend and be able to wear these clothing art require much of a woman’s pocket, truth is not all women can afford buying all these collections of the season, well, I beg your pardon but most of these high end fashion clothes are not even street wearable, so I don’t mind wearing an overstock tee off the rack.

But if you’re really that fashion savvy and want to try every style and figure out how you look, you can try making use of fashion games as a vent to your frustration, do I sound like sourgraping? Well, this would be a practical option though than spending for something you will just be staring hanging in your closet. Dress up games is fun, endless mix and match possibilities are in store. There are internet sites that cater to these needs, there are swim wear dress games, bridal games, name your fashion style and you can virtually access it and feed your clothing addiction. Try how you look now in your new fashion make-over.

So, tata, might as well do my mix and match thing. Thanks lovelies for dropping by.


  1. yay, wa ko time pag dula Vernz hahaha

    agi sad ko, busy pa ang life hehe

  2. hhahaha...ako pod wala ko time mag dress up...sa una nuon...lol!


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