GABAKTAS AKONG IC, walay g akong laptop - kapait!

After a year of blo-in- my laptap maybe has thought of retiring, you see sometimes the letter g is up, sometimes you need to press it lon- to let the g out… -osh, this is makin- me crazy. Other than this hardware issue, I wonder how many internet hun-ry pinoys are online ri-ht now, IC is so damn slow, -abaktas jud…. Unsaon nalan-.

I think this is beyond my powers, so please understand someone’s circumstance ri-ht now… I’ll char-e this to happy virus infectin- me …. Reverse psycho mi-ht be effective, other than mournin- over this stuff.

Miss Scrou-e don’t you ever dare –et near me … or i’m securing- some restrainin- orders from nearby parlors, so please distance from me 100m or more… I don’t want to ruin my day… lol.


Dhemz said...

hahhaha...siaw man ka te...:)

Unknown said...

Nyahahahahahaha...ahak man ka Vernz, dia ko sa hotel sa Maynila nag internet nya di nako mapugngan ako katawa...ingon tawon ning clerk diri.."si ma'am tuwang tuwa sa galak" hehehehe

gabaktas diay imo connection plus lulubog lilitaw si "g" hehehe kafaet jud..

uli nako ugma sa gabii oi, diha ko mag pasko hehehe

Karen Chayne said...

ahahaha! nalingaw kaayo ko sa title sa imong blog post ate... ang mga bisdak rajud ang makasabot... toinkz! haguy na parenti diay sila aning akong laptop ate kay ang ako pud wala na halos mga keys kay gipang ibot na ni sydelle...waaaaaaaaaaaaah!

gabaktas pud among ic diri maong kada kaadlawun rako maka blog kay wala naman mga customers sa shop... wala nay lag... huhuhu! kafaet jud ! lol

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