‘Tis the season of parties and celebrations, I must say I love reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones during celebrations of all sorts during this season but sometimes the problem is getting dress and finding fashion style that is not so expensive yet trendy and classy.

Photo Credits: Sugarscape
While there are endless options when it comes to ladies fashion, finding some signature style is often a difficulty. But when you are in doubt settling with little black or little white dress is often the safest. But if you’re more adventurous, audacious with your fashion style you can go with some flashy ones or if you want to be remembered on that particular day you can try Cher Lloyd’s Style in Military Boots for a change, so they say.

So there, getting in style this holidays is as easy as getting yourself a nice sweet smile that will go a long, long way. See yah!


  1. hello ate! musta na? miss you! ako pinaskuhan ha? hihihihi!

  2. For the holidays, I will be wearing a red dress which I bought last year. I will match it with lace tights and white shoes. I also have a red top for Christmas eve, then a floral dress and pink cardigan for the New Year. Yay, I'm excited to pull off my fashion ensemble. Hope they'll work. Haha!


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