Living in a country where people are believed to be the happiest, it is no surprise that you can see Pinoys having fun just about anywhere - along ‘the riles’, the park, the sidewalk enjoying the pleasure of friends company over Tanduay in a single glass rounding the table, playing ‘tigso’, etc. Pinoys really have their way of finding fun in just any petty things around them.

Well, that’s speaking for those who ‘have nots’, but for those who ‘have’ seeing these things might not be fun at all, to them fun might be diving from the plane 600ft above ground, sitting with a lucky girl in posh casinos in Vegas, but for someone who is in between, an afternoon with ‘Bob Ong’ on one of this chairs, people watching can also be fun.

Enjoying an afternoon shower on this park ground fountain can be happiest to these kiddos, I wonder why adults restrained themselves from enjoying this shower when seeing it from afar seems like a very fun thing to do… ‘kahiya naman ako lang matanda dito’ lol.

But candidly speaking, fun is a state of mind.

Anyway, just in case you visit Davao City, this is where my tax went … so I’ll gladly invite you to walk around People’s Park here, just to have fun.

Merry Christmas everyone….


  1. Hello! I like Davao very much. I hope I can go back there in 2011 for a loooong vacation! :-)

  2. this looks really like a fun place, especially for the kids. :)

  3. I've been to Davao and went to Eden Nature Park. I've also tried Kasagingan! hehehe! Will surely add People's Park in my list when I go back. :)

  4. Really nice places... and I couldn't agree more with what you just said, "HAPPINESS IS INDEED A STATE OF MIND", so let's all stay happy ☺

    I'd love to visit Davao sometime...

    Here's mine: http://peachyalvarez.blogspot.com/2010/12/gt-our-fun-place_28.html

    Happy New Year!

  5. haha! when it's fun to do walang nakakahiya! woohh! bring me there when i go to davao. dalawa tayong malaki. hihi


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