…. Is my last read for this year. THE LAST TIME I SAW MOTHER is authored by Arlene J. Chai, I didn’t know about this author in the beginning, maybe because her books are not lined along highlighted ones at the bookstore. One day, I just picked it up by random, I find the blurb interesting since the setting is some place I can relate, and that’s the Philippines. so I started flipping the pages, eventually got hooked to it.

The book followed the stories of the lives of three women interwoven together, a very vivid account of what transpired during the Japanese occupation, the war in the Philippines, which wasn’t hers. How this battle affect the lives of the many during those fateful days.

A paperback that portrays how different cultures - Spanish, Chinese, Filipino present in Philippine social setting has enfold the everyday lives of the Filipinos. Eventually, how the Americans, the Japanese had meddled in to make their lives more knotty.

Indeed, this book is brilliantly written. I can’t wait to check out other books Arlene Chai has authored. This woman recommends you should pick this one from the shelf too.


  1. wow! very interesting...pede mohulam te? nyahahaha...kung silingan lang!

  2. Nabasa na ko ni maam 10 years ago na. recommended by my mom, a certified bookworm. I like the story pero medyo I forgot na. Maybe I'll read it again...


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