I’m not really a Hello Kitty fan, but when I saw this Reebok Hello Kitty designed running shoes, I love Hello Kitty na! hahaha… They’re so lovely, I don’t like to look like ‘nagmumurang kamatis’ though, so I might go for the white or the black pair… lovely right?

Image source: soxushoes


Unknown said...

Waahh.. ang ganda ng shoes na yan sis. So efffin cute. Go for it! :)

Clarissa said...

Kawaii!Love hello kitty!maraming collaboration ang hello kitty sa shoes like reebok and champion(gamit ni Wakaba).

Enjoy your weekend,sistah!

Unknown said...

nyahahahaha gwafa bitaw jud pero di sad ko mosuot ana, kay basig ingnon ta nga gi-ango ango na nyahahaha

Sherry said...

wow so lovely shoes I bet they are expensive. talking about shoes, someone envy me having 2 yr old shoes that I took out to wear. I bought it 2 yr back and no chance to wear so I wear and the person keep complain telling others too.

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