I was fuming mad with my hubby when I went home from the grocery the other day seeing my ‘sampay’ all soaked in the rain, my God! What this man was up to the whole day when the kids were out since their aunt had brought them shopping to SM, so practically he was all alone at home at no one’s bothering him, yet he wasn’t able to salvage my supposed to be all sun crisp clothes…hayyy! That’s how life is without a ‘yaya’ .. Apparently he was soaking himself with this Fringe series and not a bit of rain dropping on our roof …nothing he heard nothing.

Out of disgust I left all the grocery at the garage and drived out, I was so angry I ended up having my foot scrubbed at Carlo Reyes here in Agdao. After giving instructions to the lady I slept at the salon couch with my foot soaked on the bubbling basin. After the scrubbing session the lady handed me this, she said it’s free so I took it, pay and headed to Jolibee and buy myself a large fries and a large Coke, I was still so angry that I didn’t notice I was biting the straw so hard that no liquid is coming in to my mouth…

When I got home I headed straight to the our room and opened this package, it’s actually the first time I’ve used this, it’s so cool … I followed the instructions on the package, it was just supposed to be 30 minutes, soaking but I slept with this cellophane on my foot, I woke up my sheets at the foot area all wet… gosh, but the feeling is so good, it’ll leave your foot soft and moisturized, so relaxing. Later I found out its available at Watson’s for only P53.00… You see, my anger has turned my foot soft and smooth… he ended up drying my 'sampay' all over again … Bahala ka sa buhay mu… magpuyat ka diyan! Basta patuyu-in mu yan. I slept sharing no one that night, he ended up sleeping at the kids room. Peace offering, he cooked some burnt egg in the morning… sige nalang… grrr…!


  1. Hmmm. I need that foot mask. I should check Watson's soon.

  2. hhahahha....kani laging atong mga bana nga usahay d magfunction ang lang ang!

    bahala ug sunog te basta kay it came from the bottom of his heart...oks na...hehehee!

    ka nice lagi ana te...sukad ko ni abot dire sa merika wala na jud ko katilaw ug footspa...weeee!


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