2011 LOOK

If you are still in the limbo of finding a perfect and trendy look for 2011, here’s some perfect suggestion from www.closed.com of what’s in this Spring/Summer 2011. Well, we don’t have spring in the Philippines, but from the looks of it, I find it perfectly fit for my lifestyle… military inspired clothing is ideal too, but I opt for denim fashion leanings … it’s urbane, fresh and classy looking, never goes out of style … take a look. 

Image Source: www.closed.com


moonstar said...

wow, really nice look but i don't think that will suit me, so taba ko na. LOL. take care always

Dhemz said...

nice! I like plain white shirt paired with rustic jeans.

DevMommy said...

It's already 2012, but these are the looks I like !

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