... is how they call this tiny bunch of lovely, yet smelly flowers.

Sharing some lines that I felt so much of connection to this flower from Joan Root’s diary from the book written by — Mark Seal, Wildflower: An Extraordinary Life and Untimely Death in Africa, if you happen to read it, then you may have come across these lines,  it's a beautiful story.
"Join the mob or go for what you want. Give yourself plenty of quiet time alone in order to get in touch with who you are...Focus power of thought. Remind yourself that the world is yours for the asking. The non-risker does not grow, you just get older. When you have decided which ideas, beliefs, relationships, and situations no longer work for you, it is time to release them. Let go of negative thoughts - view them as a flight of birds crossing your path. See them fly into view and continue on their way.'


  1. so gorgeous and beautiful...kaso baho lang lagi...ehehehe!

  2. It reminds me of my Papa. My father loves those flowers because they attract butterflies. One day he plant it in our front yard in Phil, but my Mama took it all out because she does not like it. Poor Papa.

    I like those flowers even though they smell bad.

  3. we call this asin asin in bicol hehehehe.. So pretty!

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