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The kids had left for school, I was picking up these thrown clothes on the floor for laundry when our lady neighbor here started her drama again, she does this every time she come to blows with her aunt guardian over frequent outing with a boyfriend.

I got used to it so I don’t really mind if they’ll hack each other’s throat or grab each other's hair, what I love hearing from this nurse cousin of my husband, which I wonder why until today unemployed, is her outraged lines which she would never forget to mention during the course of word exchange with her aunt, my in-law aunt too. …

”What have I done in my past life to deserve this?”

Murmuring alone I would say, maybe you were an ‘askal’ who strayed around with no home to stay, maybe a ‘balot’ vendor who only appear at night, or maybe a ‘pokpok’ who spent life by night and slept by day ….

In the end, realizing my situation here, I couldn’t help but ask myself too …

“What have I done in my past life to deserve all these?” referring to heaps of laundry, piles of papers to check, cold war with MIL, personal goals unattained … etc… etc… sounds likes I was really a bad egg in my past life to deserve these.. Argh!

Anyway, this is what is enlivening with humans we have the free will to choose between good and bad and suffer the consequence of our choices…. A doctrine which I admire most with Hinduism …

Tata, need to do something good so my karma-phala would be much as I wanted. Thanks lovelies for dropping by.


  1. hhaaha...makamuot man sad ta woi...nakichismis lang ko dire te...sos ba lamang...2011 na cold war gihapon mo ni MIL...wala ba nag wonder ang mga kids te?

  2. Ahak, askal pati hahahaha, napahalakhak tuloy ako dito ate hahahaha... frustrated nurse pala yan, papaglabahin mo kaya ate hahaha


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