I’m writing this in remembrance of a friend who died 2 years ago of big C. She was 32 then leaving three little kids to her husband.

I’m not afraid to die only when the method is painless and quick, for what is there to linger when you are destined to, but the painful thing is that under normal circumstance you cannot choose how to die, unless you deliberately plan it. With this friend of mine, I have seen her painful journey battling cancer from beginning to her last breath.

In most cases it’s the patient who accepts her fate fast and it’s the people that soon she will leave behind have that qualms of acceptance, I mean denial at first.

That packet of life made me realized how cruel life can be when someone has to undergo such an unexplainable painful ordeal. Not to mention the resources used, the heartbreaks, the social cost it brings the children and that in the end she still has to go.

There are actually many faces of cancer, but there’s just one common denominator – the pain. Hers was a terminal bone cancer, her symptoms were detected late, from that time it was known, and she has lived around 4 months only.

Well, today’s medical technology has promised humans much, if you feel some unusual symptoms in your body, some symptoms of mesothelioma do not hesitate to consult your doctor, sometimes it’s not a guarantee that you live longest, but at least it will give you time more to iron out things before you finally bow at the last curtain call of your life.


  1. how sad...oh my, ako murag hangyo lang jud ko kay Lord...gusto pako makakita sa akong mga apo...eheehe!

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  3. Really sorry for your friend, but it is a bitter truth of human that no one could get rid of the cruel hands of death.May your friend's soul rest in peace.


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