I’m not supposed to brag this but it’s just that I can’t help yelling, hey! This is my first shoe of the year and I bought it with my blogging money, huh!

I love shoe of this style, somewhat like a gladiator type, yet easy slip-on and it makes my feet breathe. But more than that, it’s light and comfy. It goes well with skirt, slacks, denims or anything casual.  And on top of everything perfect for ginger-type feet (kanang katag ba, kasabot ka?), fact is, I cannot just chopped off my feet so I can wear a Jimmy  Choo. (kasakit aron).

For someone who scale stairs everyday, wedges are perfect, I don’t wear stilettos to school we don’t have a lift, it kills me when I scale down.

This is priced P1,099.00 at our local store here, this style also has white, there are many more designs in this collection, you can check it out at the nearest Primadonna outlet near you.

Tata, thanks ladies for dropping by.


  1. i like Primadonna shoes too! feels good to buy something for yourself from blogging noh :D
    A Time To Weep and A Time To Laugh

  2. Never had a Primadonna shoes. Are they comfy? Those wedges kinda look like my Figliaria wedges. I just love the comfort of wedges. Can never trade them with stilettos! :D

  3. nice bitaw mga shoes sa Primadona, maypa kana na lang ako gipalit sa ako dress nga worth 2,600..bali duha pa unta hehehe...

  4. Hahahaha I have that ginger type of feet too lol and this one must fit me as well lol

  5. super nice.. especially bought from the online world.. :) hope to buy my first pair soon.. my first moolah from bogging went on our last holiday.

    by the way, my template came from Grace of Dress Up Your blog..

  6. wow! ka gwafa ba kaayo sa new blog layout nimo ate! girl pink kaayo... hehehe! love it!

    nah mao jud ate ai under construction pajud akong isa ka blog... busy pa kaayo ko ug renovate... hihihi!

  7. looks nice... and wow pricey ha........ wala na ba shoes nga tag 100 ron lol

    seriously well kita man sa blogging so shop to the max...! I also invested on a nine west shoes thanks to blogging!

  8. ka nice sa imo shoes oi, i never try primadona shoes, bagay na sa mga katag og tiil like me hehe..hope makavisit ko sa primadona na shop when I visit Pinas..

  9. ka sexy sa tiil ni ma'am...pede mo ulos? mahal man jdu dko ka afford..ehehee!


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