Looking back at the history of women in our society, I can say that women now had gone far since the time of the bra burning in the West to cry out for women emancipation.

Fast forward 2011, women now has gained a plane at par with men (although, I’m still not convinced), in terms of productive job, extra time to go out and party with friends, own property, financial access and lately access to owning credit cards.

However, to some, due to impulsiveness it has become a problem more than a help. Credit amounts has rocketed that some find it hard to met payment deadlines anymore causing much anxiety that eventually affected their family, relationships and jobs.

This may sound like a band-aid solution but it’s not the end of the road, there are good Samaritans out there that are more than willing to facilitate bad credit installment loans to repay your bad debts, although this require much a higher interest, nonetheless this can be a sort of panacea to this crisis.

The real solution actually is to discipline oneself and nurture the idea of responsible consumer.


  1. daming biz ni ate, daming pangshopping hehehe

  2. wow! busy lagi kaayo ni c credits te... hehehe! sa inpost ni sya? oi ate murag karun nga year ra nagsugod ang akong swerte.. hehehe!


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