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I had not been getting enough sleep lately, thanks to these Japanese movies and series that I had been addicted to, my latest watch was Women Play Twice. This series follows the life of a trying hard novelist that often ran-out of stories, often end up scavenging stories he overheard in a resto where he frequent.

The novelist stories then were portrayed, and what I love about this series is how it was able to condense such a meaty story into a ten minute play, I love how each woman’s character was played, it gives another fresh picture of the difference of the frame of mind of women vs. men.

Interesting characters of women in the series
The Woman of Downpour
The Woman of Self-Destruction
The Woman of the Dream
The Woman who’s off on Wednesday
The Boring Woman

If you want to understand more the psychology of women, this series is a very good material for analysis. Indeed, while wo/men co-exist since the dawn of human history, until this very day both has still gray matters between them, unresolved… I think this what makes life interesting.

Talking from the context of this series … I must say men are stupid, women are indeed troublesome… I highly recommend it. You can watch it here http://www.dramacrazy.net/japanese-movie/women-play-twice/

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