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More than getting accustomed to American culture, acclimatizing is one of their major setbacks every Filipino migrant workers have to deal with settling in the land of Joe.

Just recently a Nurse cousin of mine had decided to settle in Arizona, they prefer to stay in Phoenix because weather patterns is fairly similar to that of the Philippines and that adjustment would not be as hard.

But just like home too much of the sun can sometimes be uncomfortable that is why they contracted an Arizona air conditioning company called AC by Jay’s Comfort Team to install a centralized air conditioning system in their home. They were satisfied with the service; their team is composed of efficient professionals that are the best in the industry.

In fact, their advanced thermostat Arizona equipment made it a plus factor since clients are able to save money. But more than their energy efficient and cost effective air conditioning installation service, their round the clock professionalized and personalized service sets them apart from their competitors.

So if you’re still on the run looking for a company to service your thermostat Phoenix, AC by Jay’s Comfort Team is the company to call in Arizona. It’s (480) 266-3678 in your dial.

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  1. Am still freezing my butt off til now hehehe.

    Happy Valentine's day ateV!


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