This is one of the interesting sides of being a teacher you get to collect various opinions from your students that sometimes would stun you to death.

The other night I had the guys in my class describe what is a beautiful woman? … Take a look at a paper of one of my ‘guy-next-door’ studes;

Describe a beautiful woman.

To summarize, a beautiful woman should above-all be fair-skinned (white skin), her hair should be long enough to provide a secondary fetish and cover her shoulders, and she should be less than 5’8” but definitely over 5’3” in height and somewhere between ages 18 to 27.

She should have no visible hair on her legs, thighs, or underarms [should be white underarm], or on her face (except for eyebrows, but even those should be plucked, waxed or threaded not to show a bushy and messy look) She should smile a lot and should not frown, unless in cute exasperation, if she cried she should do it silently and without spoiling her make-up.

She should not look noticeably physically strong, though her legs and stomach must be in good muscle tone; she should be slim and long-legged. She should have large expressive eyes, if ‘chinita’ at least sunken and has lids and has natural-looking long lashes, abundant, strong-looking and silky, shiny hair (only on her head), she should have natural looking pink lips and cheeks, poreless skin (non-visible pores), small pearly, even white teeth, small Anglo-Saxon-type of nose, small, clean ears and no body odor at all.

She should not sweat (especially in the armpit area) or exude stinking vaginal secretions of any kind. Her hands should show no signs of hard manual work. Her toes and finger nails should show no dirt, ankles should be pinkish in color. Then she’s a woman of perfect beauty.

After reading this I asked him, where did you get this idea? ‘Actually maam, that’s Barbie I’m describing, useless, breathless, lifeless.’

Thank God, otherwise I’ll spend a fortune renovating myself as I had none of these….

Lol, but seriously, the power of Barbie to infuse fake beauty ideals amongst women especially children really cannot be underrated, they’re so commanding that at some point women are tempted, in fact has gone as far as chopping their ribs to look like Barbie, to chase such an attainable beauty.

This multi-billion dollar beauty industry is so terrifying that for women to get into the bandwagon of ideal ones, they should inflict so much pain to be beautiful, such a peculiar world we have – horrifying!


  1. I like Barbie. If I only have a girl I would buy Barbie for her. Perfect jud diay si Barbie LOL!

  2. ha..ha..galing ng student mo Ma'am...love the way he writes..the way he describes makes me ponder if I have this and that...he..he...


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