… even just within the bounds of the four corners of your bedroom.

Yeah, I’m speaking for myself, times are hard you know, dining out bills really kills it could buy your family more than a sack of rice already good for a-month consumption.

So this woman’s going to buy instead a loadful of sparkling wine and lots of candles for this Valentines night. I think this would be a more practical thing to do than making my pocket cry.

The only thing not so great with home dating is that we'll all end up watching movie, before we knew it the kids are dropping dead on our bed and our bedroom date is spoiled, lol.

Anyway, just some thoughts about what can be done this Valentine’s for those couples who are on a tight budget like me that dreads to pay a thousand pesos for a single meal.


  1. aw! sosyal! nah di pud mi ka afford anang wine te oi.. magmantinir lang tag coke unya magpalit lang dayon ug lechon manok or chicken ala carte sa kilid2x... busog na ang bitok.. apil pa si sydelle..nyahahah!

    tuod te, oi wala pa diay nag reply sa imo c margie? basig nakalimot to? lol! bitaw te oi, murag naa man ko nabasahan sa thread sa post ni mommy pehpot nga karun daw nga week wala sa office c margie mao tingaling dugay sya naka reply sa imo.

    unsa nga blog nimo te iyang gi accept? ^_^ congrats daan te! yehey! at last kita najud duha member na ni sheriff.. weeeeeee!

  2. agoy sa mga kurips nga pareha nimo ug naho... palit nalang ta ug kulafu! hehehe

  3. ahem, I smell a romatic night on Monday nyahahaha

  4. hahaha...muot ko sa comment ni mamiLu...pede gihapon ug fighter...sagulan lang jud ug coke...hhehhehe!

    mau ka diha te kay tight budget lagi pero wine man ug candles...ehehe!

    kami mingaw man..waa plano.

  5. In my opinion,in tight budget too a good dinner can be offered to valentine partner.Your post is informative on the matter.Keep sharing.


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