So, I went to our local hardware store today looking for some decent curtain rods, our youngest window treatment expert here had whacked the whole curtain panel down breaking into two the wooden rod. Apparently, our little boy was playing with his sister hide and seek and it wasn’t accidental, they really pulled it down to wrap themselves with the curtain, they might have lost balance and pulled it down.

I did not see it happen since I was at school, the next thing I knew was wondering why our room was so bright and wondering why they were standing behind me, in chorus saying, ‘we’re sorry mom, we’ll not do it again.’

I’m thinking of replacing the curtains with decorative tape blinds to avoid such accident in the future, I’m considering of getting one from Blinds Chalet, I heard they’re on sale and the most awesome part is that they ship for free.

I’m getting excited how this window gonna look. The kids for sure will be disappointed, no more curtains to hide with. I'm expecting another round of explaining here to do.

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  1. hi ate! ok na te nakasulod nako... thankies! haguy nagrambol diay to imong password nga gihatag maong di jud ko pakasulod ganina.. hehehe!


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