For a woman who has stayed at home tending her children half of her life, I think packing to take a caribbean vacation is a very exciting idea.

I can imagine myself swaying in a hammock at a resort in the caribbean, feeling the gentle twilight breeze kissing my face while witnessing one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. I can see the sun's color reflected in the clear Caribbean waters, the beauty almost hard to believe. I can see taking an early morning walk along the soft white sand beaches, and later an inviting dip in the refreshing turquoise water.

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Not only that, I will enjoy the freshest and most wonderfully prepared food, along with the finest beverages, with a variety of land and water activities to enjoy as well as the invigorating island music.

And when the day ends, I can wander the beach once again, and feel my feet sinking lightly into the soft warm sand, emptying my mind, till I feel new, refreshed and ready for life's insanities again.

Its quiet a perfect picture finding sanity in any resort in caribbean, whichever island that's fine with me so long as there's only me.

I think you can never spend too much for some of your dreams, but it is also possible to find a way to realize your dream without spending too much. There are some excellently priced vacation packages out there, packages where you can experience the thrill of a relaxing escape to the Caribbean at a great prices.

So, ladies get packing, remember to travel light!


  1. Can I go with you ateV? wish we could travel the world para masaya heheh

  2. it's quite late already to plan for this so maybe we can visit the carribean tomorrow instead...haha! just checking you out Vernz! happy weekend!
    A Time To Weep And A Time To Laugh

  3. laag guihapon ako diri teacher hehehe.. salamat sa commetns ateV..


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