Next to mouth, I think the nose is next highly politicized part of a human face.

Besides being an important biological component for human survival, it is said that the nose also is an important index to its owner’s character. According to some ‘Nasalogists’ (is there such a term?) Different types of nose tell also different personalities and characters of a person.

Take these for instance, (I don't subscribe to these, but just sharing)
the Roman nose: indicates great Decision, considerable Energy, Firmness, Absence of refinement, and Disregard for the bienséances of life
the Greek nose: indicates Refinement of character, Love for the fine arts and belles lettres, Astuteness of craft, and a preference for indirect rather than direct action
the Cogitative nose: indicates a Cogitative mind having strong powers of Thought and given to close and serious Meditation
the Jewish nose: indicates considerable Shrewdness in worldly matters, a deep Insight into character, and facility of turning that insight to profitable account
the Snub nose: indicates natural weakness, mean disagreeable disposition with petty insolence, and diverse other characteristics of conscious weakness.
the Feminine nose: indicates refinement and purity of taste and the ability to excel in the minor domestic departments of life. (Borrowed Info, blockquoted not mine)
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Thing is, who the heck draws standard as to what type of nose should I wear or have, or do I have a choice, genetically? Huh!

Well, taking into account today’s advancement in cosmetic cosmetic facelift surgery, I would say I have endless choices, if you’re angry you can reverse your nose or to however you wanted it.
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Seeing this gadget made me rather annoyed. Who dictates ideal nose size, type, standard? I mean, wow, we’re really doomed as a society, really, and the most painful part it boils down to pressure women to have their noses done just to attain this standard bridge this cosmetic surgeons are pursuing about, albeit painful, expensive and dangerous procedure.

And for non-subscribers you’re down to lose self-confidence, self-esteem and all these crap, these fake beauty  ideals are telling you and if I may borrow Vicky Belo’s words, ‘if you’re ugly, it’s your fault’.

So would you rather choose carving, or this kind of lifting?


  1. kuyaw pod ani...ehhehe...need ko ni kay sige lang ni ug siga akong ilong...eehehhehe!

    ganahan ko sa greek nga ilong da...tugsoy kau...ehehehe!

  2. Baka magmukha ka namang elepante nyang gadget na yan hehehe

  3. haguy ka hadlok ba ani ate oi.. nah mag antus nalang ko bahalag mura nig makopa akong ilong.. hehehe

  4. haguy bahala na pod uroy kung ingon ani akong ilong...kahadluk ba tawon ana oi..nyahahaha

  5. ayy,pastilan pud nga naimbento ning butanga...ang tawo jud. The shape of our nose depends on our genes and we should not change it..

  6. wahh murag sakit na mommy mag mantinir na lang ko ani akong ilong hehehe.

  7. I'll wait na lang na tumama ako sa lotto, para can afford ko mag panose lift, kasi sabi ng dad ko,natapakan daw ng kalabaw ang ilong ko, lol!


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