I really disgust this idea about our society’s conclusive sensitivities towards people who go out alone, dine out alone, and why there is always this social sanction that;

‘Maybe she’s a grump’
‘No, maybe she had fight with her husband’
‘Hmmm, no, perhaps, she lost someone’
‘Forget it, she’s just a loner’
‘She’ve taken the whole slab, can we exchange seat?’ Yahhh!
etc… etc….

just when you're alone .. lol

I've devoured everything on the table.. ;)
Waahhhh, give me a break, can I just eat without kids running around, without much thought about - what do you want to eat? Aren’t you eating? Finish your food? You know this mommy bla-blas when eating out with kids.

Don’t this people know I’m romanticizing this solitary eating I’m into? This is the only ‘me’ time I have.

So the next time you see people eating alone, give them much time they need er give me much time I need.


  1. Hahaha daming tsibog lol. I used to do that ate when I was still there lalo na nung nagbuntis ako, solo flight ako lagi sa kainan.

  2. That is sooooooo true. We all need our alone time and dining alone should be no different.

    If you have time, do drop by:

    Chicken Lollipops

    Food for the Gods

  3. ang sarap ng palabok and yes, i don't like it also when people's staring to me when i eat alone, grrr, just don't mind them! always enjoy your "me" time...happy food trip friday! :)

  4. Hyazz..ganyan ako palagi,sistah Vernz palaging mag-isang kumain sa labas tsaka never mind sa mga matang tumitingin-tingin dyan,buti kung ite-treat ka nila.heheheee!Enjoy your me-time dear^_^

  5. hahaha! korek makarelate pud ko ana te.. toinkz! but i dont mind them.. mukaun lang kog ako... gusto lang ko mutalikod or mutakilid para maka habhab ko ug kaon.. hihihi!

  6. LOL i can very well relate to this. i eat alone frequently and people don't seem to mind--until i had dinner at TGIF one Saturday night [i was actually passing time while waiting for my turn at the nearby spa]. the manager approached my table and "interrogated" me--why i am alone? don't i have a family, friends, husband, bf? God! if she wasn't a young, innocent-looking girl, i would have given her some verbal slap...naawa lang ako. hahahah di na ba pwedeng kumain ng tahimik???

  7. hahaha.. grabeh teh nahurot nimo na tanan? well ako deadma lang ko bahala mo diha basta ako mukaon ko k gutom.. hehe

    Spicy Wings

  8. I guess me being single makes me sad when I am eating alone. Ang sarap ng food mo!

    my Food Trip Friday post

  9. this is the second 'me time' post i read in FTF. wahaha, buti pa kayo eating while on your 'me time'... makapag 'me time' na rin kaya.
    btw, the pancit looks so yummy! hmmm...

    my FTF entry!

  10. It so yummy but still my appetite would be not that good if I am eating alone..

  11. wahhh, miss ko na palabok :-(; bakit naman kasi ako marunong magluto nyan eh.

  12. agoy si ma'am nag inusara man...gusto unta ko mokuyog...kaso you want to be alone...ehehehe...ako akong me time kay shopping...lami ning imo kay kaon...ehehehe!

    miss na nako imong mga foodies te.

  13. I don't know, but when I was working, kapag sweldo,I used to treat myself by dining alone and I never felt "lonely" or "out of place" or neither I have a feeling that the people around me think that way, maybe because I really don't care! LOL!

  14. wanted to join you momma vernz kaso you want alone kalain pod ug mamugos ko!

  15. it's nice to have a solitude time once in a while... Hope you enjoyed it!


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