It’s Sunday on this part of the world, this is supposed to be a rest day after so much of life in the past days, but I can’t understand why this is my busiest. I have quiet a list of errands today – visit grandma, groceries, paying bills, look for new book release, including shopping for few new seamless undies, I need to buy another color to match our new uniform.

I often wear skirt to work, I love this type of undies under the skirt because it shows no VPL or the so-called visible panty lines – I really hate it when I see women in light colored jeans or skirt with a bold panty line on the butt.

Seamless undies are perfect for light colored jeans, leggings, and a perfect underwear if your are wearing a tight or body hugging dresses, believe me, true its word, it really works – perfect flow.

There are quiet a lot of brands that carry seamless under wears now you can check out your local department stores or if you have no time to roam around you can shop for ladies underwear online.

Most online stores carry, in fact, the latest and the most varied of choices, it is also the most convenient since you can filter your shopping by the type of underwear, the price, the size, even the colors.

So, if you haven’t bought one yet, try one today!

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