He's Awesome!
The advent of the internet made one, more than learning the various cultures and ethos of so many human communities around the world, yearn for things that were previously you haven’t thought of.

And one of them is taking a trip to some place like London for instance, before I only read this place in Philippine History books as a stopover of Jose Rizal, but now with the advancement  of  internet, you can now virtually tour around it, see what’s in there to enjoy, one would really long to experience what it’s like to roam around the town of a prince.

As always the only thing that is free in the world is to dream, that one day I’d get to book for apartments in london too, to see where Prince William had spent those lonely nights spending some thousands away to mend a broken heart. Fortunately, er unfortunately the most eligible bachelor in the world has been taken away. :(


  1. Haguy, my dream boy, hanggang dream na lang jud nyahahaha. Liwat jud sya ni Princess Dianne no Vernz?

  2. i always remember lady di when i look at this boy, he has her mother's eyes.

  3. Handsome, fine man Prince William. Visiting via TBE.

    Adin B


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