Since I started using this Tony Moly lip tint, I already drop the idea of using lipstick, I begun to hate the feeling that my lips are heavy when I dab-on lipstick.

I swear, it’s so light, it’s just like wiping colored water in your lips, and it stays long. I love this Korean product.

I scored 4 little ‘botlets’ (because they’re so little, hence the name hahaha) of this in a bazaar on Christmas last year, I used it everyday so now I’m down to the last ‘botlet’ and I don’t know where to score another of this. Had I known that I would love this product, I could have ‘pakyaw’ all those including the table.

I’m still not that crazy, er… truth is, I can’t afford to buy a ticket to South Korea just to buy a ‘botlet’ of Tony Moly tint… wahhhhh…

Anyway, ladies if you know a store, someone selling this stuff in Manila, please email me at vlyluga [at] gmail [dot] com … I’m serious, I’m buying.

Walang kwenta naman yung mga tindera sa online stores… hindi sumasagot.. kaloka! LOL.


  1. Oh so tiny bottle. Never tried anything like that. Really sis? It works like a lipstick? Cool!

  2. hahhaha...abi nako ug nail polish te! ka sexy jud ani nga lipstick te...dman ko mahilig ug lipstick lagi woi.. hehhehe!

  3. I got mine from an eBay seller (BigTokyo) for less than P50 for a small bottle. There is also a full-sized tube available, not sure about the exact price but it's more than P200.

  4. you can buy that at (in facebook).. She's selling. :) have a good one!


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