Just a short note here ladies, if you’re on the run right now looking for something to treat your window, or filter those glaring lights coming in through your room, I suggest you try using wooden blind, it’s not only sleek and elegant, it’s actually the cheapest and the most handy treatment you can use instantly.

Just thought of sharing what I’m doing right now, I’m actually some sort of a handy woman right at this instant, nobody to call except the ducks and the dogs at the other side of the fence. Yayks, how can we women not trained in the very beginning to this man-thing.

Anyway, need to finish this stuff before we’ll turn baked potatoes here. Tata.


  1. mag kurtina nalang ko te kay barato lang...ehehehe!

  2. nice kuno na wooden blinds kay dali daw limpyohan na maayo ni kurtina kay ipatahi ra sa ahong nanay oi lol


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