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Truth is whenever I move a thing around our house, my husband is always anxious what will I say next, will it be, ‘help me move this chair’ or ‘give me your card for I need to buy something, this and that, for this area to look good’. Well, he would always pray not the latter.

But I think this decorating stuff is really a woman’s niche, although some guys have an eye for home decorating, I would say their concept is not as detailed and as intense as women.

Right now I’m in a hunt for Cheap Vertical Blinds as I wanted to change the boys rooms window shade, I hope I can find one at our local home decorating store here, or I’ll opt to look for one online that are inexpensive.

Anyway, tata ladies thanks for dropping by.


  1. hi, visiting you thru TBE..with my other blogs:

  2. taga davao pud ko maam.. dili halata na uber addict ka sa blog(like me).... sus Ginoo kadaghan nimo blog oi! heheehe... NOTE: I followed all of it. hehehe..

  3. Sige lang ate, palitan mo blinds para makita ng MIL mo hehehe

  4. mahalan man ko sa blinds...maypag kurtina nalang paliton...ehehehe...pero mau sad ang blinds kay no need na maglaba...lol!

    hahhaha...murag si goryo...anxious permi pag sige ko ug redecorate sa balay.

  5. Goodluck sana you find the right blinds :) visiting you thru the bloggers exchange, visit me back :)


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