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I went to the mall last night and while waiting for my turn to pay at the cashier, I overheard this two bachelors talking.

‘So, what are your plans this Monday?’
I supposed he was referring to Valentine’s Day as that falls on a Monday.
‘Nothing much, Feliza is in Manila and she’s coming back Wednesday, so I think we will defer Valentines celebration on weekend.’ replied this Chinese looking guy.

‘Why do women really look forward to this date?’
‘Because they love receiving gifts, candle light dinenrs, to be taken to a short vacation, romantic narrow boat holidays, out of town trips and things of that sort.’

‘Don’t they realize this day is men’s most hated day?’
‘I know, because you’ve saved all this time and you’ll spend it in just one sitting just to please her, and you get nothing but thank you and cutest, devilish smile ever.’
‘How can these women be so privilege? I wonder when men can be treated out for dinner  and women get crazy also saving for Valentine's Day too.’

I was grinning ear to ear thinking, that’s the privilege women get in this male-dominated society, reversal might happen if men would drop their family names in favor of women. 

For now, Women! Take advantage of this privilege, I suggest!


  1. kamo te, asa man mo mag date ni hubby? nyehehehe! nah mao, kami kay wa may valentines day sa amo.. mag date raman mi ug ganahan mugawas... hehehe! ate please add pud akong new and ika 6 nga blog.. hehehe!


    thanks much! mwah

  2. wow congrats te! kani diay imong woman ang nadawat.. ^_^

    nag message diay c margie sa ako ug sa tanan bloggers nga out lagi daw sya karun until monday 13th... daghan man gud gahulat kay ting bayad man diay karun. busy diay iyang beauty ... hehehe!


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