(Photo Credits: Wikipedia)
Few days ago, the world was stunned when a 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck New Zealand leaving Christchurch-the heavily affected into rubbles.

When situations like this happen, it would always left one wondering and reflecting – My God! Suppose it happened here what am I gonna do? I mean, knock on wood, I pray that this would not happen here, I mean not now, my kids are too small to run for their lives or even seek refuge for themselves, or what will happen to them if I’m the ones not lucky enough to survive?

Forgive my paranoia but seeing the footages, the photos flashed on TV and the internet one could really think of equipping oneself with worst case scenario survival.

Although at some point I would think that, que sera, sera, sometimes human as we are we would always adhere to our basic instinct that is to survive. I swear I want to live longer, so I was wondering if there are ebooks I can download on how to survive worst case scenario like this? Dang! Forgive my thinking.

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