Other than blogging this woman is also hook into watching drama’s online, call it a mom’s postmodern mode of escapism, I’m comfortable with that. Just recently I downloaded with Japanese Drama Series ‘Women Play Twice’ it’s an insightful yet hilarious play of the psychological difference between men and women.

I got so carried away that I really dig into the history of this drama, I later found out that it was a mobile drama aired for as short as 10 minutes per episode in Japan. Although I’m quiet a bit updated with the latest in terms of mobile phone techno, this is the first time I heard of dramas being watched in mobile phones.

I was wondering how this system work? Curiosity leads me to be familiar with Mobile Technology Deployment, it’s a digital media platform that has the capability to converge the then complex and speckled media operations, into single platform where it enables users to subscribe to live TV, live traffic condition, weather or anything that is practically of human utilization through multiple media screens, including your mobile phones, your tablets, PCs even televisions at home over an accessible wireless network.

Knowing this technology made me wonder if our cctv at home can also be accessed in this platform, that would be a great plus.

Tata ladies just sharing my mind, thanks for dropping by, need to check if there are new mobile dramas on queue now.

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