Misty Morn at Eden Nature Park, Davao

Searching for a place to spend summer? I’m actually one of those, although we haven’t decided where to spend family summer camp yet, I’m seriously considering a place with convenient facility because my troop still has a baby, so I should on top of everything consider security.

Piperdam Lodges is the most convenient and awesome place though but this spot we can’t manage to pay for this year. So maybe we’ll settle for economical, as it is practical, country lodges around Davao City that is actually aplenty of them with similar amenities.

Tata, need to call up some of these lodges to inquire, thanks ladies for dropping by.


Serline said...

My family is not the outdoorsy type, so we usually go to the beach or head to the mountains to cool off and admire flowers ;-)

Chubskulit Rose said...


Unknown said...


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