GT – Song that’ll make me cry

Time flies so fast, its Thursday again and its Girls Talk time again.

There are actually a lot of songs that’ll make me cry for no reason at all, songs that touch a human’s emotion deep down that without you knowing it, you are wiping your eyes because you’re damn moved by the song. Among Filipino artists, I love how Erick Santos conveys his emotions through songs; he’s a real hot balladeer.

But my most favored songs of all, sorry about this ‘favorite song’ cliché, I feel like I’m signing a slum book, is this Somewhere Over The Rainbow rendition of Eva Cassidy, I love Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo’ole - the big, fat, great Hawaiian singer reggae version though but I’m more drawn and get teary-eyed with Eva’s version. I’m no cohort of Eva, just in case you ask, lol, but it’s just that even their generation’s music has influenced the generation of today.

I love the lyrics of this song, it’s full of hope, and hence, I’m sharing this to the people of Japan!


  1. the world needs this song. it gives hope to mankind. this also reminds me of the movie Selena..

  2. It is indeed true girl, I know if we just have to believe we still can make it.

    Girl’s Talk

  3. love love this song too and its nice that you are dedicating this song to everyone who got affected by the tsunami

  4. Nakita ko nga you posted before that fat guy but he has really good voice. walang kaluma luma talaga itong somewhere over the rainbow, mapa singing contest mn sa kapilya at american idol pasok na pasok pa rin hehe

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  5. That is really true. No matter what, life must go on. Thanks for sharing this one. See you again, Mine is up.

  6. There is always hope. There is always light at the end of the tunnel (as they say). Thanks for sharing dear.

    Happy GT. Mine's here. :)

    Mars @ The Life Encounters

  7. I love Eva Cassidy! My fave of hers is Fields of Gold. She had such a lovely warm voice. Her life story is equally sad :-(

    Visiting you for Girls Talk.

  8. love this! one of my favorite songs of all time..

  9. oh wow. nice rendition. never heard of this version before but wow. blew me away. i had goosebumps while listening to it, especially when i read that line about this being a great song for the people of japan.

  10. uy, i remember Wizard of Oz days... used to go crazy about the film

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