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When was the last time I received a surprise gift? Hmmmm, truth is I can’t remember anymore, it’s just that people around here usually ask me what gift I wanted and as a personal rule, I always prefer my gift in cash. Hence, I have not been experiencing a surprised feeling lately brought about by receiving gifts.

But there was this one Mother’s Day that my husband surprised me with a set of jewelry. I was real happy for the thought and for the effort, but wasn’t so because it was not the style I wanted, later my husband understood what I felt and said … ‘Ok, bring that back to the jewelry store and exchange it to whatever you wanted.’ This thing is what I avoid to happen, hence, I favor being asked what I wanted.

That issue was settled long time ago and it’s almost Mother’s day again and I know many women have been playing some thoughts already on what to give to their mothers and what to expect from their loved ones on this special day.

And if you have not given it a real thought yet, why not go over to www.handpickedcollection.com and start looking for Personalised Mother’s Day Gifts. They have a wide-variety of personalized gifts for moms you can choose from even for fathers and kids, and the good part they deliver for free.

Having to handpicked your gifts yourself means you’ve given it a much thought that no matter how small and not so expensive your gifts are, the idea that the person who gave it you went out of the way just to have it wrapped or order it for you is more than a gift enough.

So don’t get caught in a rush, start handpicking your gifts now.


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