Blogging has taken a toll on me these past months, I begun to feel like my world is whirling every time I sit in front of my monitor. In the beginning I just ignore it thinking it’s just some ordinary bores, but eventually I begun to feel like I’m throwing-up on my keyboard and worst asking people around if they notice some tremors and all, this thing would often put everything on hold.

My husband who has been into this sense earlier than I do has been persistently suggesting I should visit an Optometrist, because by the signs of it, I seem to need a prescription glasses. But you know this stupid thing human sometimes do, denying and ignoring until a bomb would drop and you get blasted not knowing what to do. And then one time, this incident in the department store that I almost past-out signaled me to finally see this fine-looking Optometrist and had my eye examined.

After undergoing several try-ons in this Harry Potter look-alike metal frames, the doc finally got a verdict, I have difficulty focusing on near objects and he call it Hyperopia or farsightedness.

The next step was to decide on to whether I’ll go for contact lens or prescription glasses. I eventually settled for the latter, however, the difficulty now lies on choosing which brand of eyeglass lenses will I use? I actually left that thing for my Opto to decide, finally he gave me this glasses that were not light reflective and  lightweight.

There were quite a number of frames on the shelf, in the end I settled for a Burberry frame, it was a bit expensive but it fits quiet perfectly on my round-shaped face.

I felt good now that my vision was corrected, but I actually didn’t settle there, I’m still looking online for some stylish alternative to the ones I’m using now.

As a matter of fact, I found this cool site with the wide selection of stylish designer eyeglasses. Did you know that pure vintage look is ‘in’ when it comes to eyeglasses this 2011? www.warbyparker.com has a great line of these spectacles you may want to check out. They carry a wide selection of women’s and men’s prescription glasses, and want a villain con robber look? They also carry  a great selection of monocles you can choose from.

And here’s the coolest part, their home try-on program allows you to select 5 pairs of eyeglasses from their online display and they will ship it to you for free so you can try it at home and if you’ve picked your choice, send those specs back to them and order it online.

Or if you’re in a hurry and want a pair immediately you can try their virtual try-on, which I actually enjoyed, just upload a photo of yours select a pair and try it on … your photo. Cool!

Oh, did you know that there are around one billion people who don’t have access to eyeglasses? If you buy a pair of designer eyeglasses now, you are actually in some way giving a pair to those who need one.

So, get started and get one for yourself now.

(Disclaimer: Photo Not Mine)


  1. I hope you do feel better, mag unsa na lang ang blogging kung wala ka hehehe

    Visiting here

    My Daily Mumbles

  2. sige ako pud ni i try ning virtual tsuva ek2x te... mangita ko ug pink nga eyeglass..nyahahah! pink man jud... lol!


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