Heard of book swap online? Yes! Swapping books in now possible online. If you’re a person who can’t live without flipping several pages a day, and has hoarded tons of books in your attic then this program is best for you. 

So how does this book swap works, first you have to visit sign-up for free and you’re now part of the biggest online book community. 

The next step would be for you to list all the books in your shelves that you want to get rid of and post it online and then some readers who would be interested in your book would inform you that she or he wanted the book, you don’t have to worry about the shipment fee, the recipient will shoulder it.

The next step would be the easiest, accept the request, pack the books and then send it to the recipient.

It would be the same process if you also would request for free books with other members of the book community too.

It’s cool right? You get free books, and get rid of those books you’ve done reading, it does not only save you time, it also saves you money and above all it saves Mother Earth. 

So join now and let’s get reading.


  1. wife just gave away 2 boxes of used books last week.

    i'm thinking which I want to share.

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