… who is damn crazy right now seeing and turning herself around the mirror clutching a hanger and trying on all of her clothes in her closet wondering what is her best look on her middle age date tonight …  please stop that grinding of yours, I’m helluva dead wobbly.

Dang! Lady, even if you’ve past half your teenage life, I know your feeling of excitement is still valid… women don’t grow old dear, they just accumulate age and wisdom … now take these words from your friend, I mean whoever this Anatole France is …

Only men who are not interested 
in women are interested in women’s clothes. 
Men who like women never notice what they wear.

That says it all, so, please I beg yah settle for the simplest, with the lowest neckline… got it FriendO!

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  1. You sure know how to entertain your readers with your humorous posts ate hehehe. Good luck to your friend..


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