Nothing really grand on weekend, after church we dropped by the mall to buy this toy wind vane the kids has been requesting and some photo opp with bears and dolls.

This lil girl doesn’t really like to be blogged, that’s why she’s seldom seen on my blogs, I have to ask permission first before I’ll hit publish, this time she gave me a go.

Hence, linking this to Chic in Black Monday.

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  1. blog-shy diay imong lil fashionista!

    Visiting from Chic Monday!

  2. Ayayay! Love the pose! Talaga naman fashionista and super Chic to the max!

    Thanks for joining and have a great week!

  3. ayay! posing man kau ang model woi...sos, mahal diay ni ug talent fee bataa teVernz...ehehehe!

  4. oi, akong sangay nga host ani nga meme nauna sa ako ug comment..hehe

    kikay jud kaayo ning imong lil lady bah hehe...cute

    na-change na nako ang SN didto sa godaddy Vernz, pero wa japon migawas ang, dili na noon parked...isa pa, gi-open nako ang cpanel, wa man ko katuod atong imong giingon nga "Admin" asa diay ni nagtago waaaaaaaaa..

    kafaet jud.

  5. Ohhh.. she did a good job in posing for the camera. Nice outfit too.. i love the skirt. So cute on her.

    Liked your FB page sis. Hope you can like Pink MagaLine back in case you haven't "liked" it yet. Hihi.

  6. cute little fashionista...nice pose too...

  7. aguy..fashionista jud diay.. hehe

    Here’s My Chic in Black

  8. oh DEAR!!! so SOSSY naman ng baby n ire kung pumose!! :D love it!

  9. hi sis, i followed you and liked you on facebook. I'll really be glad if you do the same. Nasa page ko yung facebook din.

    you have a pretty model. take care

  10. cute ng pose nya :)

    my 2nd entry to CIB:

  11. so cute and i love the skirt too=)

    mine is up:

  12. Your little girl surely knows how to strike a model pose ;)
    Mine is up at Chic in Black #19


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