I came across this product while on the grocery on weekend. I don’t know but it became a habit of mine spending time reading and scrutinizing products labels, maybe because of the fact that there are a lot of unregulated products in the market that is why it is always wise to read printed labels and see what’s in there being me as the end user.

This product sparked my interest, I’m not really sure why there’s ‘anti-poverty’ in it when it’s the same body oil I’m used to applying my skin.

But whatever it is, this bottle has sure sparked the vain spirit in me. Interesting!


  1. Saan yan gawa ate dyan sa tin? Hmmnn, interesting nga hehehe..

  2. yeah i agree. this one is really interesting. kakaiba!

  3. Ano to Ate Vernz pampakinis ng kutis?

  4. nyahaha maayo kay kugihan diay ka magbasa basa ug label...ako di wala ko kaila..lampasan hehe...para asa diay na sya Vernz? pareho na sa efficacent oil?

    btw. wa koy load, di ko ka text...wa pa nako mapalit pod tong atong secret hehehe.


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