Awed with Westminster Abbey

I have not been to London, but been wishing one day I would come to explore the land of the royals too.

But more than the fun fare, the media ruckus, the display of landaus, Bentleys, Rolls Royce, high fashion, extremes of hats and all on one of the biggest event of the internet and the century as they say – the Royal Wedding, what caught me more was the display of the marvelous architecture of the church where the Royal couple William & Kate was wed – the Wesminster Abbey. Seeing it even just on photos let’s you feel like you’re walking on a museum, the incredible gothic architecture, from ceiling to the ground, the checkered Floor Tiles, it’s rich history, it’s just awesome.

And I would like to believe that people living around this place were just as lucky to have this structure seen and explored that was built way back when live television coverage was not yet a thing or even thought of. It's just Great!


  1. ah hanep sa idea ah! di na jud ni bakak hahahaha..

    abi ba nimo Vernz nga hapit ko matuk-an sa imo comment..nag kape man gud ko diri samtang gabasa ug mga comment...natuk-an ko nimo kay "kalibanga" na pod imo sakit, nyahaha. bueng jud ka Vernz..

  2. pag moadto ka te...kuyoga bya ko ha...ehehhehe!

    hahahhaa...muot ko sa comment ni mamiKat...ahak!

  3. Truly, Westminster Abbey is a magnificent work of arts by early European. With its exquisite old English designs and architecture, the whole place gives a historic memory for every tourist visiting the place just like other attractions as Buckingham palace, London bridge and Big Ben.


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