Have not received a bouquet this grand for a long time, er, sorry had not actually, though I usually got one on special occasions not this colorful and expensive. Hahaha! Well, women always say it’s not the tag price that counts, it’s the thought – oh, you got it all wrong, price does .. ;) thus, sometimes can’t help it but sourgraping. :)

Anyway, saw this in a flower shop the other day, such a lovely boat of flowers, looking at them really is an inspiration.


  1. beautiful basket full of flowers! from whom, sis? so generous of the giver. and you're right, price matters too! it is always flattering to receive something expensive. haha!

  2. i don't get flowers too coz i always tell my hubby that it is a waste of money coz they wilt. i would rather have jewelry! so mas lalong wala! hahaha

    do visit mine :D

  3. aw..new meme?> nkakapanibago ang white na meme...sali ako next time mam Vernz..lovely flowers u have here!

  4. hmmm.. lovely flowers! i love flowers and my husband knows that too well, kaya once a month, he gives me a bunch of 'em!

  5. Hahaha price and size matters pala weeeee.. Ganda naman! Ako, I'd settle for paper roses na lang lol..

    Wednesday Whites at my page, please come and see.

  6. Pretty flowers. Happy WW! Mine is up.

  7. Its look like fake flowers to me hehe..but anyway it looks beautiful and your right, price is matter hehe..

  8. oi, naa na pod diay white meme??? haha..apil ko ani sa sunod hehe...

    mahal bitaw flowers nO/ kadtong sa NCCC ground floor, gamay nga basket with baloon na kay 1,000 ahak..

    nag-email ka na kay Dhemz, Vernz hehe

  9. i love those flowers! the white ones make all of them more beautiful! :)

    I hope you can check out my ICICLES for my first Wednesday White!


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