I can’t exactly recall on who’s blog was that but it was there that I got an idea about blogging book – it’s some sort of a compilation of all your blog entries, texts and photos, and come up with a coffee table book or booklet maybe for those who have not so many entries.

I find this idea very novel, and I’m actually been seriously considering this idea. The beauty of this is that you can always go back to the time of your highs and lows that you entered as a post into your blog, recall those times where you let the whole world know ‘how to kill your mother-in-law’ ‘your first kiss’ ‘your out of the country and out of the box experience’ and all that - this includes all the comments of course and I don’t think there’s a need for SEO on this anymore.

The only problem I see here is how to design the book that is attractive and appealing to the readers.

Well, booklet printing nowadays poses no problem as you can always consult the internet for possible booking and discuss your printing concerns with those whom you commission, the kind of materials you would want to use for your book and etc.

As I’ve said, I'm really seriously taking into account this blogging book idea, I just thought it would be essential to find some reliable printing sites today since the booklet printing would be the ultimate result and the judging factor of the book, although I’m quiet bent towards the old cliché ‘not to judge a book by its cover’ chances are books with great cover designs are more attractive and is likely to be picked first on the shelves than those with lousy covered ones and that’s according to me.

So why not consider such an idea too? Can’t wait mine to be best-seller … in my dreams!


  1. Bitaw no???? it's a great idea. And you can pass it over to your children, grandchildren... from one generation to next generation...

  2. great idea ^__^ might try this some time. :)

  3. for sure it would be one of the best seller book....:)

    thanks for dropping by at my site. :)

  4. na d man ko mahilig mo basa tawon woi...ehehehe!


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